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Windowkill an impressive twin-stick shooter

windowkill is an impressive new twin-stick shooter game for linux and windows pc

Windowkill is an impressive new twin-stick shooter game for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative minds at torcado for their exceptional work. Available on both Steam and itch with Very Positive reviews.

Let’s talk about Windowkill, the new creation by torcado. Since you’re in the middle of intense action, battling it out with your trusty twin-stick shooter controls. But here’s the twist – your play area isn’t just a static screen. The windows on your computer are moving and shifting as you play. As your whole screen comes alive. This mechanic, combined with the engaging bullet hell format blends elements from titles like Vampire Survivors, Touhou, and Super Hexagon.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Sounds challenging, right? Absolutely, and that’s the beauty of it. Every session is a fresh adventure, thanks to the roguelike element of permadeath. You start over each time, but Windowkill is never the same experience twice.

What makes it even more engaging are the shop screens you’ll encounter. As you progress, you’ll come across various upgrades and perks. These aren’t just typical enhancements; they’re game-changers that add depth and strategy to your experience.

And let’s not forget the thrill of facing hordes of enemies and some seriously tough bosses. Each Windowkill character you play as offers a unique style, so you’re not just replaying; you’re rediscovering.

Windowkill Launch Trailer

If you’re into sharing the fun, local co-op is a blast. Team up with a friend and dive into the action together. It’s twice the fun and twice the challenge!

The title is also packed with secrets, multiplayer aspects, and loads of unlocks. It’s not just about getting through the levels; it’s about discovering all the hidden gems along the way.

Now, for the controls. Mouse and keyboard are the way to go for precision and responsiveness, but if you’re more comfortable with a gamepad, that’s supported too.

Lastly, the music by keestak sets the perfect mood. It puts the cherry on top of an already amazing experience.

Windowkill has a light footprint, being under 100MB and development is using the versatile Godot engine, along with native Linux support. Plus the title’s depth and simplicity are praised for keeping players engaged, even those who typically lose interest in games quickly.

Windowkill isn’t just another twin-stick shooter you can play; it’s an experience that keeps you on your toes, challenges your skills, and offers endless fun and discoveries. So, grab your gear, set up your screen, and dive into this unique adventure. Available on both Steam and itch. Priced at only $4.49 USD / £3.86 / 4,49€ with the 10% discount. Along with support for Linux and Windows PC.