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WorldBox – God Simulator due to arrive with support

worldBox - god simulator sandbox game is now due to arrive with support in linux gaming mac windows pc

WorldBox – God Simulator sandbox game is now due to arrive with support in Linux gaming with Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of indie developer Maxim Karpenko. Due to make its way onto Steam Early Access later this year.

WorldBox – God Simulator is an upcoming sandbox god simulator. However, back in mid-April we reached out to developer Maxim Karpenko requesting support in Linux gaming. Replying with, “we have a Linux build process set up, but we have no way of testing it. Do you have any ideas if there’s any worldbox fans in your community who would be able to help us out test the early Linux builds? And if they’d be working, then we can start pushing updates to Linux as well.”

With that bit of backing, a post in the Linux_gaming subreddit is the best option. Gaining enough support and eager testers to help with Linux gaming, to now offer a build. Pointing out, “Thanks for the pointers Todd! WorldBox – God Simulator is out now on Linux. We did a soft launch to see if anything would break, but looks like everything is ok!” And now we have a Linux port coming for the release in Q4 2021. Due to remain in Early Access for the next 2 years. Also, thanks to all who helped support Maxim Karpenko on Reddit and in testing.

WorldBox – God Simulator Trailer

In WorldBox – God Simulator you can build your own world and fill it with life. You can also create different creatures: sheep, wolves, humans, orcs, dwarves, and even Dragons. Even a UFO! Watch how civilizations progress and interact with each other. But you can also use your powers to destroy. Start fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, launch meteorites — everything is up to you!

Create your own world or destroy it using different powers:

  • God Simulator. There are certainly a lot of powers in your toolbox. These can be used without mana or resources.
  • Living world. Creatures have traits and needs. So animals will look for food. While greedy kings will try to get more lands.

Use different tools and brushes to design and populate your world:

  • Fantasy Races. There are 4 civilized races in WorldBox – God Simulator. Humans, orcs, elves and dwarves. Since each has its own design and specific race traits.
  • Civilizations. Races will also form kingdoms, colonize new lands and will sail to far continents that you’ll create.
  • Diplomacy system. Kingdoms will fight with each other. So towns will rebel. Empires will fall. Therefore, it’s your choice to help or watch them fight.

Many fun and crazy abilities that you can use:

  • Destruction powers. Lightning, tornadoes, acid rain, nukes, meteorites, plague, dragons and even UFOs.
  • Different creatures in WorldBox – God Simulator. Demons, skeletons, zombies, tumors, cold ones, dragons, UFOs and even a giant Crabzilla that you can control yourself!

Interact with your world and create various scenarios:

  • Interact with your world with the divine magnet. Since you can use your powers to start wars or create huge tornadoes! You can also affect the world in unique ways.
  • Share your maps. Show your creations to other players of the WorldBox – God Simulator community!
  • Procedural Generation. Generate worlds of different sizes and find kingdoms with unique flags and names.

When will WorldBox – God Simulator release

WorldBox – God Simulator is the ULTIMATE god simulator and sandbox game. Due to be available vis Steam Early Access in Q4 2021. Priced at $9.99 USD. Now offering support in Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC. You can also buy WorldBox – God Simulator on the official website.

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