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Wraithbinder roguelite RPG has a new beta

wraithbinder action roguelite rpg game has a new beta for linux mac and windows pc

Wraithbinder action roguelite RPG game has a new beta for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. All of this is possible thanks to the hard work and sheer brilliance of Wizard Fu. Plus a new new beta phase coming to Steam.

Double Eleven, the publishing company that supports digital masterpieces, has announced that it’s teaming up again with Wizard Fu, the one-man game studio. If you remember the intense sci-fi adventure Songbringer in 2017, well, it’s the same developer. Together, they’re working on a thrilling action-packed escapade, Wraithbinder. This also take place in the same universe as Songbringer.

From July 14 to 25, there’s something extra happening. Wraithbinder is entering a new testing phase on Linux. So you and friends can try the action roguelite RPG with the new online co-op mode. To invite a friend, make sure you both click Request Access on Steam.

Wraithbinder takes inspiration from Metroidvania – it’s all about levelling up your character by gaining new abilities. Since each adventure you undertake is in a world that’s uniquely generated every single time. Also, as you explore, you pick various weapons – gear for that close-quarters combat, long-range attacks, you name it. Along with special powers and relics that make you stronger to better take on enemies. As you become more powerful, you also unlock inaccessible places.

Wraithbinder 3rd Beta Trailer – April 2023

In this action-packed thrill-ride, you’ll be face to face with multiple bosses plus new things to discover. Secrets are around every corner, with hidden items and routes to find. And even if you fall in Wraithbinder battle, it’s not the end. Sure, you’ll drop some of your precious gold and light, but your armor and stats stay intact. You then retreat to your ship – your base – where you can power up your character using the item you’ve found.

Right now, you can enjoy this digital escapade either solo or with a friend online through Steam. In the future, you could be battling it out with three friends or even going head-to-head with other players.

So, step into a world of endless action and adventure with Wraithbinder! It’s a journey that’s different every time you embark on it. Along with abilities and weapons that let you shape your own game. Including support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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