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Chiaroscuro metroidvania in final week of funding

chiaroscuro 2d metroidvania in the final week of funding on kickstarter for linux mac windows pc

Chiaroscuro 2D metroidvania in the final week of funding for Mac and Windows PC, but show hope for Linux. Thanks to developer BlackberryKin. Now in it’s final days of the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

With the crowdfunding campaign in its final week. And currently, 87% funded for the full $15,000 USD pledge goal. The developer behind the upcoming Metroidvania, Chiaroscuro, has updated the free preview for the game. While including some additional content. So now fans of all stripes will be able to challenge the, appropriately festive, Pumpkin Prince to a battle. And also determine the future of the Ominous Grove. The Pumpkin Prince won’t go down easy though. So fans can expect to have their reflexes tested in the Demo. Facing things to come in the full release of Chiaroscuro.

We also reached out to BlackberryKin regarding Linux support. And a native build is certainly in favor.

A Linux port is definitely a strong possibility in the future. Since GameMaker has pretty great porting support to that platform already.

So clearly this is not a full out confirmation. That being said, the studio is in favor of a Linux port going forward. Plus the Demo on Steam is also playable via Proton. Offering up a solid glimmer of hope. And Chiaroscuro runs pretty well along with some audio clicking for GameMaker Studio 2. With keyboard controls nimble enough to get into the game.

Chiaroscuro Kickstarter Trailer

Chiaroscuro draws inspiration from three defining platformer games. The story structure is inspired by Cave Story. While the bold environment is inspired by Limbo. With platforming and level design inspired by Hollow Knight. The demo only showcases two of the game’s areas. While the final game will have somewhere between 13 and 14 unique regions for the player to explore.

Take control of Rose, a mysterious amnesic, and explore the dark Chiaroscuro world. Since it has now fallen into darkness. Where only a few precious flickers of light remain. From peaceful grasslands to a long forgotten mine. Rose will make their way through a connected 2D world. As she gains new abilities and faces off against monstrous creatures. As well as other adventurers with their own hidden plans for the light they all covet. And now in the final week of funding.

Planning for a launch in the first half of 2022. Chiaroscuro will release on Mac and Windows PC via Steam. And it looks like Linux is also a “strong possibility in the future”.
The 2D metroidvania Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is already 87% funded. Due to close on October 29th, 2020 3:00 PM EST.

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