Deathground dinosaur survival may see support

deathground dinosaur survival may see support for linux and windows pc

Deathground dinosaur survival on Kickstarter may see support for Linux beside Windows PC. At least according to Jaw Drop Games. The games currently running a crowdfunding campaign that is more than 60% funded.

Since Jaw Drop Games, are a collective of experienced game developers. Working their way up to the £80,000 ($100,552 USD) funding goal with 21 days left. Jaw Drop revealed the Kickstarter campaign for their new survival horror, Deathground. The Jurassic Park like survival puts players into a menacing atmosphere. Full of fear and suspense and pits them against dynamic yet reactive AI dinosaurs.

But since game development uses Unreal Engine 4. The Kickstarter clearly states there are no plans for Linux. Which is sad since the game engine supports the platform. But there is actually hope.

Each new platform requires a certain amount of development resources and optimisation. Which is why we’re focusing on Windows PC right now. Bringing the game to as many platforms as possible is certainly something we would love to do over time.

This is the reply I received via Kickstarter from Jaw Drop. Which is actually positive news. Since Deathground is due to release in September 2021. So there is a bit of time show Tux Love by Wishlisting the game on Steam. But I’m a bit surprised to see this reply. The Kickstarter FAQ clearly states what seems to be a No. But it’s more of a not “at this time”. So there is a good chance we may see support in 2021 for Linux.

Deathground Kickstarter Trailer

Deathground aims to feature both solo and co-operative gameplay. So that players can try to survive alone or play in teams of up to 3. Players form a group of professional hunters and survivalists. All on a mission to the “Deathground” to retrieve high value loot.

Featuring dynamic gameplay full of objectives, stealth and combat. There are certainly unpredictable AI dinosaurs. Including special character classes with a range of items and weapons. Not to mention truly terrifying environments. All harnessing the power of Unreal Engine 4.

Jaw Drop Games have self-funded pre-production and developed early gameplay. But now look to Kickstarter as the next step towards full production. As well as community driven development.

Deathground will primarily be available on PC. But the developers are also aiming to bring the game to consoles in the future.

The dinosaur survival game has a live Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and all pledges are hugely appreciated. Additionally, the game has a live Steam Page so you can Wishlist Deathground now.

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