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Magic Twins gets its first major update

magic twins gets its first major update via linux gaming mac and windows pc

Magic Twins gets its first major update via Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the continuing efforts of developer Flying Beast Labs. Which available now on Steam.

Magic Twins is the original puzzler from Flying Beast Labs. Now updated, while adding several improvements and new features to suit all tastes. This includes all kinds of enhancements, as well as new game modes. Also offering up new languages, some bug fixes and, most notably: Improved witch AI for Single Player Mode.

Magic Twins Launch Trailer

The complete list of improvements included in the update:

  • Improved witch AI for Single Player Mode. Now your CPU witch will be smarter and so it can defend its side of the scenario more effectively!
  • New Secret Single Player Mode added. This is also an extra hard mode that will test your skill. Only for pro Magic Twins witches!
  • New Controller Window. Now the controllers can also be changed manually. Since this solves some connectivity issues (especially using Remote Play).
  • A particular theme from a particular ritual has been rerecorded. With real electric guitars for extra epicness. Doing so by the rocker guitarist and better person Asier Fernández Irazabal!
  • Portuguese, Euskera and Mallorquin languages added. Liekwise, more languages are on the way!
  • Several balancing fixes on several rituals. Due to Magic Twins player feedback!
  • Small adjustments in the Options Menu.
  • New texts have been added to support the new functionalities. 
  • Lots of small bugs see fixes.

Magic Twins is a 1-2 co-operative arcade puzzle game. Where Abra and Cadabra (the titular Twins), must constantly swap their chromagic powers. All due to defeat hordes of color elementals. At the same time stopping the Colormageddon (which they unintentionally unleashed). Red beats red, blue beats blue.. you get the drill. Magic can be straight forward.
Since spells are not enough! Communication will be useful to overcome all the challenges ahead of you. All coming in different objectives per level, bosses, multiple game modes, special events…

Magic Twins is available with its first major update on Steam. Priced at $12.99 USD. While including support in Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC.

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