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Space Safari looking for your vote on Steam Greenlight


#Independent games #developer and publisher Cunning Force Games has #announced that Space Safari, a 2.5D vehicular action adventure platform game developed for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC, needs your votes on Steam Greenlight. The game features six unique levels with alternate paths and upgrades for lots of re-playability. Players will spend the entire game driving around in the ATKV-1 (All Terrain Kill Vehicle) exploring the planet Volotor and attacking enemies with all sorts of weaponry.
Players can also revisit completed levels with all of their unlocked upgrades intact to search out more hidden paths and secret collectibles. Each level ends with a unique boss to fight. The greatest hunt in the galaxy! No beast is impenetrable! No challenge is impossible!

Game Features:

  • ATKV-1Classic 2.5D shoot ‘em up action with platforming puzzles
  • Explore the massive planet Volotor with countless enemies to defeat
  • Become more powerful with various upgrades and power-ups
  • Overpower previous levels by revisiting them with all your upgrades intact
  • Approximately 4 – 6 hours of gameplay
  • Battle a unique boss at the end of each level
  • Explore hidden paths with collectibles to find
  • Steamworks integration including achievements, leaderboards, cloud saves, etc…
  • Gamepad support for popular controllers



Space Safari is being developed by a two man team with an expected release date of mid to late 2015. The game has been built with the free version of Unity, which has several limitations. The pro version of the Unity engine features enhanced graphics quality and improved performance. Cunning Force Games are hoping to switch over to the pro version sometime before release.

An early playable demo is available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.


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