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Star Traders: Frontiers adds in new talents

star traders: frontiers tactical rpg game adds in new talents for the game on linux mac windows pc

Star Traders: Frontiers tactical RPG game adds in new talents for the game on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. All of this brilliance is a testament to the creativity and expertise of the team at Trese Brothers. That currently has a big discount on Steam.

We have a new update for Star Traders: Frontiers. As the captain of a starship, there is a crew that depends on you and a universe full of possibilities to explore in this tactical RPG. You and your crew need to keep evolving to tackle the endless array of tests you might face out in the vast cosmos. That’s where this new update for Star Traders: Frontiers comes in – it’s an injection of fresh content to keep the game exciting.

So, Star Traders: Frontiers update #321 is unique in that it goes along with a 50% discount in the Steam Summer Sale. But it doesn’t stop there, it also bring in two powerful level 15 talents for your crew members. Think of talents as special skills or abilities that your crew can use during their adventures.

First up in Star Traders: Frontiers, we have a brand new ability for the Soldier class, “Still Standing”. It’s a lifeline when you’re up against the wall. This Star Traders: Frontiers talent turns your soldier into a defensive powerhouse, due to make them nearly impossible to take down. There’s a catch though, activating this powerful defense uses up most of your turn. But if you’re waiting for your Combat Medic to patch you up, it’s a great way to buy some time.

Star Traders: Frontiers Trailer

Next is the Pilot’s new talent, “Engage Fighters”. This ability lets you supercharge your offense and defense against smaller enemy vessels. Doing so at the cost of accuracy and damage against bigger ships. Example: a swarm of annoying enemy shuttles is coming at you. Flip the switch on Engage Fighters, and watch your ship become an efficient, fighter machine.

Now, what’s unique about this update is that it makes your Star Traders: Frontiers AI opponents smarter. Their captains and officers can now use a wider range of talents, making them more challenging and random. This means that no two battles will feel the same. One moment you might be up against a heavily armoured battleship, the next a nimble squadron of fighters.

This Star Traders: Frontiers update also throws a spotlight on user-created content, with some great creations highlighted. Picture a spy-themed storyline complete with a unique ship and upgraded diplomats and spies, courtesy of The Spy Pack 1. Also, how about a chance to customize your captain and officers with new faces from the Playable Contacts Head Pack? And if you’re into designing your own ships, you might like @davea No More Mass Reducers, a mod that simplifies ship building by removing the mass consideration.

Remember, this is all thanks to the vibrant community for Star Traders: Frontiers. The feedback and creativity continue to make the tactical RPG experience even better. And if you like this flow of free updates, don’t forget to show some support for Linux with a review.

This update promises a lot of new action and smarter enemies. In Star Traders: Frontiers, the only limit is your imagination. Available on Steam with a 50% discount, dropping the price to $7.49 USD / £6.39 / 7,39€. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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