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Tank Maniacs a local multiplayer releases

tank maniacs a local multiplayer releases on linux mac windows pc

Tank Maniacs fast paced local multiplayer releases on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer GAMELAB and their creative efforts. Now playable via Steam with big discount.

Tank Maniacs feature a lot of cartoon carnage. You can also expect vengeful bots and tons of content. A perfect game for those tired of boorish single-player campaigns. Which can get way too serious.

Developed by Hungarian studio Gamelab. Tank Maniacs perfects 4-player local multiplayer. Plus online multiplayer through Steam’s Remote Play Together feature. There are also 11 different tanks and characters. Plus 8 distinct maps and 4 insane PvP modes. But you can certainly level up the fun factor. The game’s official Twitch extension allows the audience to influence a streamer’s game.

Tank Maniacs – Launch Trailer

The full version of Tank Maniacs also introduces some standout game modes. Such as “Gameshow” (Twitch extras without the chat voting). And “Symmetric Showdown” (every player switches to the same tank periodically to ensure a fair play).

At its heart, the game is also a true fast paced local multiplayer. So you can expect weird tanks, fun characters, and friendship destroying battles.

Although Tank Maniacs is a local couch party game. You can certainly use Steam’s Remote Play Together as a tasty option. When you launch a new game, the host can send invites via Steam Overlay.
Due note, players also need to already be friends on Steam. So once everyone’s in, voice chat will auto-enable.


  • Couch madness for up to 4 players
  • 8 beautiful levels with unique features
  • 11 wonderfully weird tanks
  • 12 wacky characters
  • 4 game modes in Tank Maniacs:
    • Deathmatch
    • Gameshow
    • Last Tank Standing
    • Symmetric Showdown
  • Dynamic commentary
  • Unforgiving AI bots
  • Twitch integration with in-game voting
  • Fun, cartoony art style with hand-drawn graphics
  • Punchy electro-rock soundtrack
  • Even if you lose all your lives. You can still bomb whoever’s still alive from the Zeppelins above

Tank Maniacs is available on Steam for $9.74 USD including the 35% discount. On December 12th, the game will return to its original retail price of $14.99 USD. Playable on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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